Parallel Modular UPS System Solution

APECUS provides customized Parallel Modular System UPS Solution to Data Centers. The scope of work includes:

  1. Complete Customized Parallel Modular UPS System Solutions
  2. Supply, Deliver and Install 3-Phase Modular UPS, Isolation Transformers and VRLA Batteries for some key installations
  3. Design, fabrication and Installation of UPS, , System Parallel Modules, Battery Racks and External Bypass Switch
  4. Deployment of UPS Battery System. Minimum 2hrs Backup Time
  5. Testing and Commission to ensure quality and smooth operation of entire project
  6. Comprehensive Maintenance Service with 24/7 standby support to ensure smooth and continuous operations.

The above solution is a Full Parallel UPS System that comprises of System Parallel Modules, Battery Banks, 3 x PowerHub Prestige 200KVA Modular UPS