Data Center Infrastructure Management


Many of the most successful enterprises in the digital economy, regard their data centers as strategic assets to realize an enormous competitive advantage. They are looking for ways to work into that direction, and they want to strike a balance between efficiency and reliability.

Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and maintaining availability are top priorities for today’s data center administrators. In the past, the idea of conserving resources while enhancing performance was next to impossible even to the most experienced IT and Facilities organizations. That was until data center infrastructure management (DCIM) came along.

While DCIM is not a magic bullet, it does have the capability to give real-time insight into power, space, and cooling that helps you manage capacity, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. We have evaluated the promise of DCIM and believes it can deliver real value to your data center in the following ways.

Capacity Management

Risk Management

Operations Management

Change Management

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