Prestige Modular UPS (6 to 520 KVA)

PRESTIGE Modular UPS combines the latest IGBT rectifier technology together with Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Its decentralized parallel structure ensures reliable and trouble free operation of the valuable equipment and critical loads. This results in lower electricity bills and smaller genset sizes. Small footprint and light weight makes installations easier when space is limited. Compared to 6 or 12 pulse rectifier systems, the heat dissipation is lower and the air condition size can be dimensioned smaller. This also results in less CO2 production, saving money and protecting our environment.

Also, its transformer-less design concept enables delivery of up to 40KVA per power module to the system and you can reach 520KVA power in a single frame. It is possible to connect four frames in a parallel to achieve a maximum of 2MVA power.

  • Decentralized Parallel Structure with Hot-swappable feature
  • DSP-controlled Technology
  • Modular N+X Parallel Redundancy
  • Unity Input Power Factor with Low Input Current Distortion & High Efficiency
  • Fit into standard 19” Rack Frame
  • Touch-screen LCD display for user’s friendly operation
  • High Power Density up to 200KVA per rack for space saving
  • Invest as You Grow
  • Compact in size, only 3U height
  • Superior MTBF and MTTR
  • Emergency Power Off device can be operated on site or remotely
  • Common Battery
  • Programmable Battery Voltage from 192Vdc to 240Vdc
  • Intelligent Charge Modes with smart charge current adjustment
  • Megatec/Mod Bus protocol supported
  • Powerful charger built in Modular and UPS Frame
  • Versatile communication interfaces provided for different applications
  • Matching battery modular also available