MediPower UPS (10 to 400KVA)

The MediPower UPS series is a medium/high power UPS that delivers secure power while providing first class load protection and maximum energy saving for medium-large data centers and mission critical applications. The latest high efficiency ECO mode enables operating efficiency up to 98% without sacrificing availability.  It is designed with full IGBT three-level double conversion technology, providing extraordinary savings on installation and running costs, while at the same time delivering first class load protection.

Reliable Design

  • The output isolation transformer provides high reliability to adapt different harsh industrial environments in order to protect the critical loads
  • 100% 3-phase unbalance load adapt to different kinds of complex applications
  • Dual air ducts design offer sufficient cooling to protect the key components and extend the service life

Innovative Upgrade

  • Dual DSP control technology enables faster data processing as well as improving the reliability
  • ECO-mode (98% Efficiency) gives possibility of significant cost reduction and heat emission
  • Bus synchronization control function provides reliable high power for the dual bus application

Intelligent Management

  • Multiple communication interface to supports UPS and load intelligent monitoring
  • Intelligent SNMP achieves local monitoring and remote monitor