Sentry UPS Tower (500 to 2000 VA)

PowerHub Sentry Offline UPS is designed for PC, office automation, ordinary miniature PC and terminal to provide safe, clean and reliable power protection.

The protected equipment is normally connected directly to incoming utility power. During normal operation, the power flows straight through the system. When the incoming voltage falls below or rises above a predetermined level, the SPS turns on its internal DC-AC inverter circuitry, which is powered from an internal storage battery. The SPS then mechanically switches the connected equipment onto its DC-AC inverter output.

The multiple output receptacle configurations of the UPS accommodates a wide variety of IT equipment.

  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Comprehensive net equipment protection
  • Green idea environmental design
  • Flexible and practical cold start function
  • Wide voltage range for intellectual regulating
  • Intelligent power management (optional)