Rapid UPS Tower (1000 to 5000 VA)

The PowerHub Line Interactive UPS Series is the state-of-the-art online interactive structural design is that provides excellent power protection for most computer devices and applications.

Having the capability of an interactive bidirectional power converter, not only will it provide high current charging, it also ensures efficient operations.  With the addition of a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer, the output voltage is regulated and compensated by automatically selecting different power taps via this transformer. When the input voltage fails or fluctuates outside of a pre-set tolerance window, the UPS detects this and a relay will close allowing the UPS to start feeding battery power via the inverter. Upon the return of mains power, the output is switched back onto mains and the inverter is turned off.

Due to its high efficiency, it is one of the essential and economical choice for most offices and home use.

  • Better running cost efficiency
  • Intelligent battery charger
  • User-friendly LCD display
  • Reliable online interactive design
  • Intelligent regulation system on utility voltage
  • Fully functional protection
  • Intelligent RS232 Communication Port
  • UPS management software (optional)
  • External SNMP or USB or Dry contacts (optional)
  • External battery bank (optional)