Verve Industrial UPS (1 to 40 KVA)

The PowerHub Verve UPS is a Single phase Industrial UPS. It is ideal power protection solution for used in the Marine, Oil and Gas Industry. The robust design and wide range of installation possibilities make the UPS one of the most reliable UPS available.

  • Mature 8th generation industrial standard design to adapt to harsh industrial environment completely;
  • User friendly operational design without strict operating sequence;
  • Operating data and status via LCD screen;
  • RS232/RS485 connection, optional SNMP card; support MODBUS communication protocol;
  • Frequency isolation in both input and output, effective protection of load and equipment safety;
  • Modular design, MTBF(mean time between failure)<0.5 hour;
  • DC cold start function, DC loop with no surge current;
  • Two-stage phase-locked loop and efficient filter synchronized circuit,
  • Compatible with generator;
  • Reliable static bypass and extremely wide synchronization range;
  • Certified EN5009-2, GB/T17626;
  • In-build manual maintenance bypass switch;
  • Adoption of non-master-slave self-adaptive parallel technology,  “N+1” parallel operation without parallel cabinet;