HubPro E Industrial UPS (10 to 160KVA)

HubPro E industrial UPS series for electricity is designed and manufactured specifically for small and medium size substations, power plants and other power sectors according to the standards of power industry technology. The product adopts advanced DSP control technology and IGBT rectification technology, extremely high input power factor.

  • Design for electricity industrial environment, isolation in both input and output
  • Adopt active power factor correction technology with extremely high input power factor
  • Independent 3-phase inverter design to meet 100% requirement of unbalanced load
  • Application of isolated air duct system, independent duct for power circuit and control circuit respectively to ensure effective cooling;
  • Independent 3-phase inverter design, fully meets the requirement of 100% unbalanced load;
  • Adoption of DSP control technology, power redundancy design to achieve higher performance and adaptability;
  • Adoption of high resolution touch screen for better operation and maintenance;
  • Adoption of non-master-slave self-adaptive parallel technology, “N+1” parallel operation without parallel cabinet;