GreenPRO Industrial UPS (10 to 800KVA)

The GreenPRO Industrial UPS series adopts advanced dual DSP + FPGA full digital control technology, active power factor correction technology, space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) technology, DC/DC bidirectional conversion technology, etc.

  • Dual DSP+FPGA, high peripheral integration, large data and program storage, accurate A/D conversion, which all work to enhance the product reliability;
  • The rectifier adopts a three-phase IGBT rectification topology, through active power factor correction technology, the input power factor is 0.99, and the input current harmonic distortion rate is <3%;
  • The inverter uses space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) technology to improve DC utilization while greatly improving product stability and efficiency, with 100% unbalanced load capacity;
  • DC/DC bidirectional conversion technology is adopted on the DC side, which has perfected the battery management functions;
  • Adopting N+X non-master-slave adaptive parallel connection technology, on-site debugging is convenient and fast, easy to achieve multiple parallel connection ;
  • Standard output isolation transformer to achieve electrical isolation between UPS equipment and output load;
  • High-power density design with compact structure.
  • Isolation duct design is adopted to isolate the control part, power circuit and magnetic component duct, to improve the dust-proof ability of the plate effectively and enhance the adaptability of the equipment to environmental conditions;
  • Friendly human-computer interface for easy operation with high-resolution touch screen;
  • Perfect communication function. It can communicate with terminal monitoring, BMS and other devices through RS485, RS232, RJ45 and other communication interfaces.