Silicon is the world’s most dependable solar technology, with years of demonstrated field performance, silicon modules have continued to outlast and outperform other solar technologies.

We offer reliable silicon solar products, including thin film, polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules that allow customised design and application flexibility.

What’s so special about our silicon solar products?

1. High Module Efficiencies

Roofs often have limited space for solar modules. The higher each module’s efficiency, the better the efficiency of the entire system. Our solar modules have above-average efficiencies of up to 15.7%.

2. Enhanced Low Light Performance

Module output under laboratory conditions usually does not reflect actual output in real-world installations. In the field, performance under low light conditions has a strong impact on energy yield. Our novel cell design and improved solar glass ensure that the modules perform well under real world, low light conditions.

3. Power Optimized Current Sorting

We sort and packages modules with matching current characteristics to ensure each module string can achieve maximum power output. Current-matched modules install quickly, minimize lost power due to module mismatch, and maximize lifetime energy output.

4. Higher Power Output

Initial light induced degradation (LID) can reduce the power output of a module below the nameplate rating after first exposure to sunlight. Our solution process factors in LID to determine the nameplate wattage. The process ensures all modules deliver significantly above nameplate wattage from the day they are produced, resulting in higher output than most other brands over their lifetime.