TGT Grid Tied Solar Inverter (12kW to 20kW)


TGT Grid Tied Solar Inverter series is a three-phase grid-tied solar inverters that adopt the latest technologies combination of T type three level topology and SVPWM, provide flexible system configuration and monitoring solutions for household, commercial and power plant systems.


  • Integrated intelligent DC combiner and surge protection improve system flexibility and lower the system cost.
  • Max efficiency is up to 98.6%, wide input voltage range, adapt to all kinds of solar panels and string configuration.
  • Dual MPPTs work independently and allow unbalanced input power. One MPPT maximum input is up to 60% of Max. DC power.
  • Adopt the latest technologies and combination of T-type three level topologies and SVPWM.
  • Reactive power control and Power factor adjustable:0.8 leading~0.8 lagging.


  • IP65 protection level, suitable for various installation environments.
  • Bus capacitors consist of advanced film capacitors, designed with the latest thermal simulation technology for longer lifespan.


  • AC output power is adjustable between 1-100%.
  • Smart grid adaptive to meet the requirements of various power grid accesses.
  • Variety of monitoring modes: APP (one-button registration), large screen data monitoring center, cloud monitoring platform.
  • Support RS485,GPRS,WIFI, Ethernet.


  • High power density, small size.
  • Modular design, easy to maintain.