PowerHub Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) New!

PowerHub Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) rack mount PDUs manages the redundancy of power option for single-corded network devices. Dual input cords support separate to primary and secondary power sources. The ATS supplies continuous power to all outlets from the primary mains. During power outages, the ATS switches automatically to secondary power source until the primary power source is restored and stable.

Super-fast switchover between primary and secondary power sources occurs within milliseconds, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply in data centers, to support all critical systems.

  • 16A/30A, 220V-230V ATS
  • Visual Current/Voltage Meter
  • Auto-transfer between Primary and Secondary Power Sources
  • Short Transfer Time
  • LED Indicator for Power Status
  • 1U Horizontal Rack-mount Installation(Brackets)
  • Black Metal Alloy Housing