Camino Integration Series

Utility compartments in containers or vehicles are usually limited in terms of space. A lot of room for the application, but very little for technology. Modules such as the generator, cooler unit, noise suppressor and optional tank can be positioned freely with the Camino DSI / DSIMIL. Find out more about our Camino Integration Series.

Standard Equipment Features

  • Super sound capsule; all filters at one maintenance side
  • Asynchronous generator, short circuit proof, water-cooled and suitable for unbalanced load
  • Cooled exhaust system in the enclosure
  • Exhaust silencer with high attenuation
  • Cooling unit with circulation pumps and 230V fans with speed controller
  • Basic control panel with key switch
  • Electronical engine management with battery charger and automatic shutdown when: oil pressure too low, high temperature, water loss
  • Computer-optimized arrangement of the anti-vibration shock mounts, 4g in all directions.

Safety devices

  • Extremely quiet operation 56 dB(A) @7m
  • Colour RAL 6031 green bronze
  • Operating condition -32 °C / + 50 °C
  • Storage temperature -40 °C / + 70 °C
  • EMC to VG95373 class3
  • Industry documentation