Dynamic Voltage Regulator (10 to 1600KVA)

PowerHub Dynamic Voltage Regular VR series uses super capacitors, lithium-ion batteries and other components as energy storage components, adopting advanced power electronic conversion technology and digital control technology to provide short-term energy storage backup solutions to effectively control voltage sag, short-term interruption and other issues, with strong stability, high reliability, high efficiency and other characteristics.

  • Fast response, typical response time < 2ms, and the response time is less than 5ms under the worst circumstance;
  • Flexible compensation time, typical compensation is 3s, more backup time can be customized according to customers’ requirements;
  • Using the super capacitor as energy storage component, the number of charge and discharge times can reach 1 million times;
  • Redundant design of equipment to achieve high reliability;
  • Control voltage sag, voltage swell, short-term interruption and other issues simultaneously; Full power design of inverters supports 100% drop of three-phase input voltage.
  • The target value of voltage adjustment can be set on site, and the default value is from -15% to 15%;
  • The efficiency of the electronic bypass working state is over 99%, which greatly reduces the cost of power loss;
  • Free of maintenance and attendance, saving labor costs.