DC Tools

DCTools is the DC configuration software for field technicians responsible for DC power system setup and maintenance. This unique DC configuration software is supplied by Eaton free of charge by download from the Internet and simplifies Eaton DC power system setup.

Frontline staff will find DCTools is a major benefit during the installation, trouble shooting and support of any Eaton DC products including Access, Network and Large Power Solutions; CellSure battery management systems; and SiteSure ancillary monitory and control systems.

For added flexibility DCTools can connect to a DC Power system in three ways; directly through an RS232 serial connection; through a dialup modem, or through an Ethernet LAN/WAN.

  • DC power system configuration software
  • Windows® compatible
  • Easy to use graphical display
  • Operates with all models of Eaton DC power systems
  • Operates with CellSure and SiteSure
  • Local (RS232 serial) or remote (dialup modem or Ethernet) connection
  • Downloadable from the Internet at no charge