An effective battery monitoring system is the best way to ensure battery fault diagnosis and provide battery remote monitoring. But until now the hardware requirements, and the need for regular site visits to setup and run a battery monitoring system, have made this an expensive option.

Now there’s the CellSure battery fault diagnosis and battery monitoring system. CellSure battery remote monitoring provides a method to report on batteries, showing where problems may occur and giving the most important information – reliable battery capacity measurements in real time.

  • Early warning of potential failures
  • Reserve time remaining on discharge
  • Accurate battery capacity measurement
  • Patented software algorithm method
  • Cost effective for network wide deployment
  • Integrates with Eaton DC systems or stand-alone
  • Remote communications options
  • Graphical data displays
  • Data export capability
  • Real-time monitoring and alarms
  • Modular and expandable
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Remote battery testing (with PowerManagerII software)