Matrix 48VDC Inverter Solution

The MATRIX solution is an integrated inverter power system designed for use in applications where very high reliability of the AC supply is required. The MATRIX modular design ensures maximum flexibility to configure solutions to customer’s requirements. Modules include inverters, static switch, controller, interface modules and maintenance bypass module. With its versatile “building block” design and n+1 redundant configuration, MATRIX ensures reliable telecommunication and industrial AC power. The MATRIX static transfer switch provides automatic and instantaneous load transfer between mains power and inverter power and back again, to ensure uninterrupted AC supply to sensitive electronic equipment.

The MATRIX solution adopts digital microprocessor control. The monitoring controller gives real-time system status through comprehensive LCD /LED displays, and allows program settings through the display panel.

With MATRIX communication interface module installed, you can control and monitor the system at a distance.

  • Ultimate high power density reducing space demand
  • Hot-pluggable connection allows module addition or removal without interruption to AC supply
  • Versatile modular design allows a variety of configurations for different power needs
  • Capacity up to 18kVA with N+1 redundancy when configured without static transfer switch
  • Single phase 120Vac or 230Vac output options
  • “All master” dynamic mechanism eliminates single point failure to optimize reliability
  • High efficiency, >89%
  • Comprehensive LCD/LED display provides system status, and user-friendly panel eases program settings
  • Option maintenance bypass switch with integrated AC distribution
  • USB/RS232/RS485 communication for local and remote management