Matrix 2000 Standalone Inverter

The Eaton® Matrix™ 2000 Standalone Inverter is designed for use in telecommunications applications where a very reliable AC supply is required. The high efficiency and compact size makes the Matrix 2000 Inverter an outstanding solution for powering all types of critical AC equipment.

The Matrix 2000 Standalone Inverter provides 2000W of reliable AC power in a 1U x 19” rack mount package that includes a built-in Static Transfer Switch (STS). The STS automatically and instantaneously switches the AC output, from the DC inverter to an alternative source such as AC mains (and back again), providing extra security of the AC supply to the load equipment.

The Matrix 2000 solution uses digital microprocessor control to provide maximum performance under all operating conditions. The built-in controller gives real-time system status through comprehensive LCD/LED displays, and allows program setting through a keypad panel.

The Matrix 2000 Standalone Inverter includes a built in USB interface for monitoring and control.