G3 Sine Wave Inverter

Clayton Power’s G3 pure sine wave inverters are produced in a 12, 24 or 36V version and converts DC into 230V AC. The output range from 1000W to 2300W continuous power and can be used to cover energy needs when- and wherever. The G3 sine wave inverters are custom made to withstand harsh environment, changing temperatures and heavy vibrations and have all been E-marked according to the highest European safety-standards for electronically equipment.

The pure sine wave inverters have a “smooth start-up” technology build in, which automatically switches on, when equipment, with needs of high startup power, is connected. The converted sine wave curve is pure and delivers the same output quality as fixed 230V/50Hz mains, ensuring a trouble–free connection of all 230 volt appliances.

We know the importance of a stable and continuous power supply, yet most machines and devices use significantly more power in start up than at any other point in operation. Therefore, the inverters are designed to supply 2-3 times more power for shorter periods of high–peak consumption.

The G3 pure sine wave inverters benefits from a very compact and light weight design which makes the products easier to install. Clayton Power has also developed a “plug n’ play” system in the sine wave inverters with the Neutric technology providing a fast, easy and safe installation of cables.


  • Pure sine wave output to handle the sensitive electrical appliances
  • Smooth start-up technology to cater for equipments with high peak power loads
  • Small and compact inverter design
  • Safe voltage shutdown to protect the battery pack against deep discharge
  • Complementary Neutrik connectors to enable fast, safe and simple installation
  • Manufactured and tested in Europe