FlexPower 300 DC Rectifier System

FlexPower 300 DC Power system is a compact and intelligent power system containing up to 6 modules of Flex 48/3000H2 rectifiers, DKD51 controller module, AC connection and DC connection.

Each rectifier is designed and manufactured for simple installation, start-up, and service. Due to the compact size of the system, it adds to the success of the system. For larger load capacity, rectifiers can be connected in parallel with the additon of an intelligent monitor controller.

  • 19’’, 9U sub-rack, easy to be embedded into all Standard kinds of telecom equipment.
  • Front access and front connection
  • System total capacity up to 18kw with 50A rectifier.
  • PFC technique features the system high efficiency, energy-saving and up to 0.99 power factor.
  • Intelligent fan-cooling technique brings good cooling performance , low failure rate and high reliability.
  • Fast on-line expansion of rectifier modules enabled by hot-swap.
  • N+1 rectifier module redundancy.
  • Batteries monitoring and management enables backup batteries well maintained.
  • RS232 communication interface, SNMP optional