FlexCompact 30 Rectifier System

The FlexCompact Series is a DC power rectifier system that adopts a modular design concept providing the option of easy replacement and upgrade. It can support up to 2 x 48V/30A rectifier modules in a single system sub rack. The rectifier module is hot-swappable and has the ability to operate in parallel load sharing when 2 rectifier modules are installed.

FlexCompact adopts a compact structure and integrates parts such as AC distribution, rectifier module, DC distribution and monitoring module in one sub rack.

  • 19’’,1U sub-rack, easy to be embedded into all standard kinds of telecom equipment
  • Comprehensive lightning protection design, On-demand B + C Class Lightning Protection
  • Quick and easy on-line maintenance of rectifier modules enabled by hot swapping
  • PFC technique features the system high efficiency and energy saving
  • Automatic Internal Controller system for monitoring, testing and diagnosis and control
  • Battery management technology prolong the life of battery in good working conditions.
  • Rectifier Module will disconnect mains to protect itself from hazardous input
  • High reliability fan cooling capability with latest thermal solution to ensure a safe working environment.
  • AC input over-voltage/under-voltage, DC output over-voltage/under-voltage, temperature controls, monitoring alarms and protection function.
  • The system can withstand sinusoidal vibration with frequency of (10-55) Hz and amplitude of 0.35mm