Flex 48/3000H2 Rectifier Module

Flex 48/3000H2 is a digitalized rectifier module with outstanding reliability. Incorporated fan with front-to-back airflow while featuring the latest thermal solution, the module ensures stability in a wide range of working environment.

With 96% efficiency and automatic sleep function, one could save on energy consumption. FlexPower 300 and Flex 48/3000H2 Rectifier Module power system is a big family of -48V DC power system which could cover global demand for telecom applications.

  • High Efficiency and Power Density typically at 96%
  • Digitalized Primary and Secondary controls to realise excellent monitoring and regulation.
  • High Reliability Design with intelligent one fan front-to-back air flow with latest thermal solution which brings efficient cooling to ensure low failure rate and high reliability.
  • Disconnect mains for hazardous input
  • Excellent EMC performance
  • Lower interference and excellent susceptibility give module a better reliability