3G Core Power Solutions

The Eaton Data-Voice-Video Core Power Solutions range of DC power systems is designed for telecommunications network applications requiring high powered, efficient and flexible DC power supplies.

These DC power systems use Eaton CR48-3G rectifier modules and include an integral AC and DC distribution with flexible combinations of fuses and MCBs, and an SC200 system controller. Low voltage disconnect (LVD) options are also available.

DC distribution cabinets can be connected in parallel where additional distribution space is required. Systems up to 4000A can be configured using internal horizontal busbars, and up to 15,000A using external busbars.

Intelligent system management features include battery temperature compensation, fast charge, battery current limit, automatic equalize charging and automatic battery condition monitoring.

  • Intelligent system management features
  • Pre-configured software
  • High power density
  • Fast on line expansion of rectifiers (hot swap)
  • High efficiency and unity power factor
  • Range of DC distribution configurations
  • Battery conditioning monitoring
  • Wide AC input voltage range
  • Seismic rated cabinet
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Full length security door (optional)