Cascade Inverter (3000VA to 12000VA)

Cascade is a modular inverter. It is an integrated power system designed for applications where a very high reliability AC supply is required.

These compact parallel inverter module can be configured to meet the N+X requirements. While the modules are in the type of rackmount, all of them can be hot-swapped without disturbing the AC load. Each module is 3KVA and system is able to cascade up to 4 modules in parallel.

The newly designed and improved modular inverter is particularly useful for Telecom applications.

  • Configurable to meet N+X modular requirements
  • Hot-swappable rack-mount module
  • Cascade up to 4 modules in parallel
  • Compliant with communication standard of AC and DC power supply system
  • High-performance SPWM technology
  • Low DC end current noise