PowerHub AGM 12V Batteries

PowerHub 12V AGM Batteries

Design Life 12 years @ 25degC

Capacity Range from 7Ah ~ 250Ah (12V)

Top Terminal Type

For UPS Standby Power Applications

PowerHub batteries are suitable for UPS System Solution, DC Power System solutions and Solar Power System Solution. There are different battery capacities to choose from depending on the design and run time of the system installed. Using a recombination reaction to prevent the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases as well as sealed with special compound epoxy and using pressure controlled vent valves, PowerHub batteries are non spillable and maintenance free. PowerHub batteries are designed to provide outstanding and reliable performance, safety, outstanding design life of 12 years and value.

General Features

  1. Oxygen recombination technology: Maintenance-free
  2. PbCaSn alloy for plate grids: Less gassing and reduced self-discharging
  3. High quality AGM separator: Extended cycle life
  4. ABS material: Better strength of battery casing (optional flame-retardant)
  5. High purity raw material: Low self-discharge rate
  6. Silver-coated copper (T1, T2), brass and lead terminals: Improved electric conductivity