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Static Transfer Switch

PowerHub Static Transfer Switch (STS) manages the redundancy of the power supply system which composed of two independent powers to get a continuous and reliable power output. It can be pre selected the two inputs as default primary and backup source. In the event of primary source power failure, STS will immediately switch to the backup power source automatically. The design of this STS ensures seamless transfer between 2 input sources as well as having the capability to prevent over current or over voltage from occurring.

  • Dual input static switch
  • Wide power adaptability
  • Transfer time less than or equal to 6ms
  • User selectable priority of supply
  • Overcurrent and lightning protection
  • RS232 and status output interface
Model STS 16 STS 25 STS 32 STS 40
RATING 3.5KW 5.5KW 7KW 8.8KW
Rated Current 16A 25A 32A 40A
Input Voltage 200~240VAC ± 5V (For both inputs)
Input Frequency 50 ~ 60Hz
Output Voltage 200~240VAC ± 5V
Transfer Time ≤ 6ms
Priority User selectable
Over Current 110%
Efficiency ≥ 98%
Temperature 0°C -40°C
Humidity 10% - 90%
Dimension (mm) WxDxH 482x400x1U 482x400x1U 482x400x5U 482x400x5U

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