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Prime II RT UPS Rack/Tower Convertible (1000 to 3000 VA)

The PowerHub Prime II RT UPS is an ideal power protection solution for used in the finance, communications, insurance, railway, medical, industrial and enterprises sector.


It provides pure sine wave output during battery operation which results in the connected devices receiving high quality electrical input and operates smoothly in the event of power outage.

Battery runtimes can be extended using standard battery extension packs and a host of options are available for each system including rackmount maintenance bypass panels, remote monitoring and Power Monitoring over the network.

  • Rack/Tower Convertible Design
  • Green Concept Design with Superior Input Voltage Window for Energy Saving
  • Patented Mimic LCD Display May be Rotated by Simply Pushing Front Button
  • True Online Double Conversion with DSP Control
  • Charger/Fan Status on the LCD Display
  • Hot-Swappable Battery
  • 3-level intelligent Charging Method
  • Support Generator Input
  • Estimated Remaining Time displayed on the LCD.
  • Support Economic (ECO) Operation Mode
  • Matching External Battery Pack
  • Power Shedding Function to turn off non-critical load
  • Emergency Power Off
  • Output Frequency Can Be Configured
  • Power Rating: 1000 to 3000VA
  • Power Factor: 0.9
  • Voltage: 220-240 Vac
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto sensing)
  • Efficiency up to 94%
  • Configuration: Rack/Tower Convertible Design
  • IEC62040-1, IEC62040-2, and IEC62040-3 Compliance
  • Internal or External SNMP Card (Optional)
  • Relay Card (Optional)
  • External Environmental Probe (Optional)

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