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FlexCombi 200-3P Rectifier System

PowerHub FlexCombi 200-3P Rectifier System is an AC/DC embedded power system with excellent performance and high power efficiency. It comprises of intelligent battery management, remote management, wide range of AC input voltage, etc. The system can configure 4 pieces of 1U 50A high rectifier modules, and provides 200A rated current output.


PowerHub FlexCombi 200-3P can be installed inside a 19-inch rack or cabinet and is widely deployed in the Telecom environment today. The product is a new generation of “Green & Energy Saving” system aiming at outdoor low power mobile telecom power market, meeting the trend of telecom base station development, saving construction cost and shortening time. The system is highly adaptable with environment, features with wide operating temperature range, meeting the demand of high level users

  • Green & environment friendly. With excellent filtering and shielding process, super low electromagnetic radiation; Within wide load range, the power factor over 0.99, input harmonic current component below 5%, input voltage range 85~300Vac. The system noise is below 60dB
  • High efficiency energy saving, able to operate with high efficiency at full load
  • More reliable operation. With complete test, control, alarm and protection functions
  • Perfect surge protection performance, the product reliability and adaptability is highly improved
  • Configured with 19"standard power rack, the rectifier is hot swappable, complete frontal operation, making the operation and maintenance safer, quicker and more convenient
  • Perfect battery management function. With functions of temperature compensation, battery protection, charging current limit and battery capacity estimation
  • CAN bus distributed digital control, intelligent network design, providing RS485/RS232 telecom port and dry contact alarm port, flexible network enables remote monitoring with unattended operation
  • Input Voltage: 380VAC (3 Phase)
  • Output Voltage: 48VDC
  • Input: 63A/3P or 63A/2P
  • Rectifier Input: 32A/1P
  • LLVD: 2 x 63A, 4 x 32A
  • BLVD: 2 x 63A, 2 x 32A, 2 x 16A
  • Battery Distribution: 125A x 2
  • Compatible Module (not included): FlexCombi 3000/3000H Rectifier Module

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