DC Systems & Batteries Solution

Three Phase Modular UPS, DC Systems & Batteries Solution

16 Jan 2024
APECUS places a significant emphasis on delivering specialized services tailored for government sectors, constituting a pivotal component of our service portfolio. These specialized services encompass the design, development, and installation of fully integrated power solutions dedicated to serving the needs of various Singapore Government Agencies. Specifically, our work involves creating a comprehensive Communication Network that consolidates all voice and data communications within government agencies into a unified infrastructure. This network establishes vital communication links connecting various Operation Centers and mobile sites dispersed throughout Singapore.

In our collaborative efforts with the main contractor, APECUS is engaged to supply high-quality UPS, Batteries, Inverters, and DC Rectifier Power equipment for the entire project, amounting to a substantial value of S$100 million. This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions that align with the critical requirements of government agencies, ensuring a robust and reliable power infrastructure for their communication networks.
The Challenges:
Persuading customers about the imperative nature of initially deploying the newly developed modular UPS posed a significant challenge. Fortunately, our business development team successfully reassured customers regarding the reliability and high availability of the backup power system. Collaborating closely with the product team, we overcame the initial hurdles. However, additional challenges emerged, as the backup power systems had to be installed in various locations across the island. Each location presented unique constraints, particularly in terms of space limitations. As is typical with other government projects, time constraints proved to be a critical factor, irrespective of any challenges encountered during the process.
Our Approach:
Emphasizing our steadfast dedication to project completion is our top priority. Each project member, spanning the product team, project team, service team, and logistics team, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the project. Clearly delineated roles and responsibilities, along with timely progress updates, ensure a seamless workflow devoid of any gaps in execution. Drawing from the wealth of experience garnered in numerous projects of similar nature, our engineers exhibit the capability to surmount every obstacle associated with the installation process.
The Result:
The team successfully delivered on the following aspects:
  • Complete Customized DC Power and UPS System Solutions
  • Supply and Deliver 48V DC Systems, DC Inverters and DC Converters for Telecom Power System in some key Installations
  • Supply, Deliver and Install 3-Phase Modular UPS and Isolation Transformers for some key installations
  • Supply more than 4000qty of batteries
  • Design, fabrication and Installation of UPS, Battery Racks and External Bypass Switch
  • Deployment of UPS Battery System. Minimum 4hrs Backup Time
  • Testing and Commission to ensure quality and smooth operation of entire project
  • Awarded Comprehensive Maintenance Service with 24/7 standby support to ensure smooth and continuous operations.
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