Roof Top Grid Tied Solar System

Roof top solar grid tied system for a green, sustainable and resilient future

19 Dec 2023
The company in one of our portfolio is a waste management plant. It is operating 24 hours 7 days a week. The business owner knows that with such operating hours, he has to look for a more sustainable way in the long run to keep his operational expenses low. This is necessary in order to ensure the business meets the profitability goal.

Singapore, with its geographical location, has an abundance of sunlight. Hence, solar energy provides the most promising renewable energy source. With its usage expanding at a very rapid pace, it is one of the most sustainable solutions for a greener and cleaner future. Through a photovoltaic (PV) system, it produces solar energy using solar panels and inverters to converts sunlight to electricity to power electrical loads. Technologies such as Energy Storage Systems, commonly known as ESS can be used to manage solar intermittency. ESS are rechargeable batteries that can store energy from various source and discharge when required to meet the energy demands so as to even out the discrepancies in the energy supply. These can be used to provide power backup, increase uptime of critical infrastructure and provide grid stability. The world is in the midst of an energy transformation. Through the use of globally leading technologies, be it on-grid, off-grid or a hybrid system of PV with ESS, there is always a smart and innovative solution that meets your needs and demands which can enhance the performance of homes, businesses and communities. Could these be one of the solutions the business owner is exploring for?
The Challenges:
As with elsewhere, within its limited land space, we face challenges in maximizing solar deployment and mitigating obstacles faced in harnessing solar energy. One major drawback is that solar is an intermittent energy source. To mitigate this issue, there is a necessity for energy storage systems.

Historically, one of the major problems associated with renewable energy generation is that supplies are far more variable than other means of energy generation. Smoothing out solar power’s intermittency and reducing solar generation variability is essential to enhance grid stability and improve power quality effectively.
Our Approach:
We constantly conduct comprehensive market research to gain insights into the energy trend and industry needs and we aim to be a convenient one stop product and solution provider. We build, nurture and grow a team of professionals with vast experience and knowledge in product and innovative solutions.

We are always on the look-out for strategic collaboration with like-minded partners in the industry to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our business focus on environmental protection, eco-friendly, green and sustainable practice. Commitment, continuous support, maintenance and ongoing optimization is what we offer, as well as our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Equipped with these, we are able to pursue the business owner with a suitable proposition. After reviewing the benefits of solar grid tied system and understanding the long-term financial results, the business owner is able to appreciate the idea behind and he decided to embark on the journey with us to develop a custom made solar solution for the cost savings. This involves a roof top solar grid tied installation with monitoring and control. Utilizing the unused roof top of the business owner waste management building has maximise the solar deployment without additional land use.
The Result:
With our core team of experience and project management, we are able to complete the programme within a short period of time. With the system in full operation for quite some time now, the outcome has been impressive for the waste management company in that the programme is able to provide it with financial benefits for years to come. The roof top solar grid tied system is able to significantly reduce their utility bill. Complete payback is expected to take a few years after which there will be tremendous cost saving.

APECUS is now a fast-growing team with a strong presence in Singapore and gradually expanding regionally. We offer a comprehensive lineup of intelligent innovative solutions suitable for residential, commercial and industrial as well as utility-scale solar plants. Our range of high quality product and solutions and workmanship together with tailored solution, custom built to specific electrical needs can provide the perfect match for your solar energy needs. We offers versatile applications, ranging from new installation to replacement and retrofits and further enhancing your solar energy setup with our energy efficient solutions. With years of extensive experience in the energy solution business, we are able to gain insights and adapt quickly to market trends. Our team continuously introduces new innovations in engineering design, functional safety and intelligent solutions of solar PV and energy storage applications so as to achieve competitive, cost effective and smart solutions.

Choose APECUS as your most preferred partner for a green, sustainable and resilient future.
This case study underscores APECUS’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology to solve industry challenges. Our solutions not only streamlined production but also strengthened our client’s position in the industry sector. It’s a testament to our dedication to engineering solutions that transform industries.
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