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Data Center Infrastructure Solution

16 Jan 2024
APECUS is organized to provide clients with a comprehensive solution from the conceptualization to the completion phase, specifically tailored for large Data Centers. Our team of engineers oversees all crucial activities, encompassing design through execution, whether it involves UPS, CRAC, Batteries, or other essential components. This method, coupled with our technical expertise and extensive experience, guarantees the successful and proficient completion of every project. Additionally, APECUS holds a significant position in the large public-private corporation projects market.

APECUS supplies reliable power systems, CRAC systems solutions and M & E installations works that meet the demands of our customers.
The Challenges:
The installation of backup power systems faces significant challenges in our operational area. Compounding the difficulty is the considerable distance between the power systems and the battery rooms. Time constraints further exacerbate the situation, often leading to last-minute changes. Coordination among various equipment and M&E contractors is paramount to ensure seamless operations. System tuning and testing demand extensive time commitments, necessitating our engineers to work tirelessly around the clock.
Our Approach:

Our unwavering commitment to project completion takes precedence. Every member of the project, from the product team, project team, service team, and logistics team, plays a crucial role in ensuring project success. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, coupled with prompt progress updates, guarantee a smooth workflow without any gaps in execution.

The Result:
The team successfully delivered on the following aspects:
  • Installed and Deployed 8 x 2N Large UPS System (2.2MVA per N)
  • Implemented and Commissioned 42 CRAC System Units
  • Installed and Activated 20 x 40 Blocks of Batteries
  • Deployed and Set up 8 x Lithium Battery Systems
  • Installed and Configured Custom Design Battery Racks
Three Phase Modular UPS, DC Systems & Batteries Solution