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About Us

SINCE 1994

Elevating expectations, exceeding excellence.

At APECUS, we prioritize close engagements, delivering highly reliable solutions from pre-sales to implementation. Our pride extends to post-sales, with a skilled engineering support group.
Recognized in the industry, APECUS boasts an ever-growing customer base and high client-retention rate, a testament to our experience and excellent service.
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Our pathways of achievement

Started as PCBA house

Secure $2 million project for government comm power solutions

Completed various commercial and government power solutions network projects

Completed Solar and IT Government Projects

Completed Data Center Projects / Launch PowerHub Products

Battery Replacement Projects / PowerHub UPS installed in key areas of SG

1994 - 1998
1999 - 2001
2009 - 2011
2014 - 2020


APECUS Solutions for a Dynamic World

At APECUS, we specialize in a diverse array of cutting-edge solutions, establishing ourselves as the foremost one-stop provider. From backup power management systems to turnkey solutions for critical information infrastructure, and from green energy power systems to specialized solutions for marine, oil, and gas industries—we power the future.
Our expertise extends to energy storage system solutions, complemented by unwavering engineering services and support. Explore a world of possibilities with APECUS, where innovation meets reliability, and solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of a dynamic landscape.


APECUS's dedication: Customer-Centric Innovation

To provide the highest-quality products, solutions, and services with a strong commitment to achieving total customer satisfaction.
Providing the highest level of efficient and reliable solutions has always been our business philosophy. APECUS will harness state-of-the-art technologies while keeping in mind cost factors so as to not only provide our customers’ with the best benefits but also minimize the investment and cost ownership whenever possible.


To be the leading one-stop product-and-solution provider with business coverage